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Aeration is the best thing you can do for your lawn other than proper mowing and watering!

The key benefits of aeration:

♦ Improved root development and depth. ♦ Reduces and maintains thatch levels.

♦ Helps to reduce soil compaction. ♦ Improves water penetration and drainage.

♦Increases air flow and oxygen levels in the soil. ♦ Helps the grass absorb nutrients easier.

♦Increases microbial activity. ♦ Increases resistance to heat, drought, disease, and other stresses.

Aerating helps to promote a healthy, deeper root system which will lead to a dense, green lawn. A healthy lawn will absorb water and nutrients easier, plus it is more resilient against stresses like extreme heat, drought, and disease.

Aeration will also reduce thatch from your lawn. Thatch is a layer of living and dead stems, leaves, and roots which build up between the grass blades and the soil. A half inch or more of thatch will start to diminish the amount of light, water, and nutrients that are able to reach the soil. Extreme thatch also increases the likelihood of disease infestations that can kill off areas of your lawn.

Additionally, aeration helps to ease compacted soil. Compacted soil makes it difficult for the grass to produce new growth and uptake the proper nutrients. Aeration can help correct compaction by loosening the soil, increasing air flow, and improving microbial activity. This can be extremely important if your lawn receives a lot of foot traffic from people and pets.

As you can see there are many benefits that aerating can provide your lawn. Depending on your lawn's conditions, it may need to be aerated every few years or every season. Newer construction homes with young lawns should be aerated yearly, while more established lawns may be able to go longer. Lawn conditions always are a factor, and our team is happy to advise you on what is best for your lawn.


We offer 3 different options when it comes to aeration. We perform traditional core aeration, liquid aeration with soil enhancer, and aeration with overseeding. See below for more information about each service.

Services are timed in either spring or late summer/fall.



Core Aeration

Core aeration mechanically removes plugs of thatch and soil from your lawn to help promote root growth and a healthier turf. The plugs are left on the lawn and crumble in a couple of weeks. As these plugs break down naturally, they will help to decompose thatch which can impede nutrient uptake. The holes left help relieve compacted soils and allows water, air, and nutrients directly into the root system.

Liquid Aeration With Soil Enhancer

Liquid aeration is a full lawn spray utilizing key biostimulants and highly oxidizing material. It is designed to loosen topsoil and encourage deeper rooting to allow for greater oxygenation of the root zone. The soil structure is split at a much smaller scale than core aeration, allowing for deep penetration of water and the roots in turn follow, making nutrients available that were previously unreachable by the plant. This gives the benefits of aeration without leaving the mess behind! We also incorporate a product that functions as a biological magnifier using humic acids and sea kelp. This product increases rooting potential and decreases stress pressure caused by heat and drought. It also helps color response, buffer and extend fertilizer rates, and adds oxygen to the soil profile for greater nutrient uptake.

Aeration With Overseeding

This service prepares your lawn with mechanical core aeration and then follows with an overseeding of the turf areas. The seed falls into the holes left by the aerator, providing proper soil to seed contact for germination. You may have other areas show results as well with excellent watering. We pay special attention to thin or bare areas (going over a couple times if needed) and use high quality seed mixes based on the sun exposure of your lawn. The overseeding is meant as an enhancement to a lawn not a complete renovation, so larger bare areas may not completely fill in. Poper watering of the seed is needed for germination, so we provide watering recommendations to help you achieve the best results. If you have any lawn treatments, this will delay any Crabgrass and/or weed control applications.

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