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The future is here! You can now have a robot mow your lawn, and yes it's for real.

Sales, service, delivery, installation, and maintenance all from 1 company.

Would you like to have a perfectly manicured lawn, 24/7?

Do you want more free time to enjoy with your family?

We have your solution. 

We've rolled out a fleet of robotic mowers

Robotic mowers solve a range of "problems" associated with conventional mowing and may be a good fit for your property. Contact us today to learn more about all of the advantages to our robotic mowing service. Here are some of the highlights:

Quite operation: So quiet they can mow at night and not disturb anyone!

No thick build up of clippings: They mow more often so you don't end up with long clippings, only tiny pieces that decompose quicker and don't cause excessive thatch build up. Rain or shine, day or night, our mowers don't call in sick. 

Easy: Instead of sweating and wasting valuable free time pushing around a mower, spend it having fun with your family and let the machine do the work!

Control: Start, stop, or modify your mower's schedule at anytime from anywhere using the customized app on your computer, phone, or other electronic devices. 

Safe: These mowers are safe for use around children and pets. The blade will automatically stop if the mower is even slightly lifted. It can be docked if children are playing as well. If it gently bumps a person or object, is stops and turns around.  

Emissions free: They are battery powered and emmision free, making them a better choice for you and the environment.

Cost: You will save money the longer these mowers are out working. They are priced at a similar price point to most riding mowers, but you'll spend no money on fuel or oil changes! 


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You can have a great looking, healthy lawn while reducing the amount of chemicals used! Results are guaranteed.

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