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Landscape maintenance services:

 Lawn Mowing:  We are not currently offering traditional mowing services, but we do work with a few mowing companies in the area and can make a recommendation. 

 Robotic Mowing:  Installation and programing of a robotic mower in place of a traditional mowing service. Can include biweekly trimming of areas mower can't reach.

 Spring and Fall Clean-Ups: Consists of cleaning up leaves, sticks, trash, and other large debris from lawn and landscape bed areas. Includes dead perennial cut back.

 Pruning: Trimming of shrubs, small trees, and hedges. One-time visits or an ongoing service. Includes collection and removal of debris. Can combine with clean-ups.

 Dethatching: Mechanical removal of thatch, dead grass, and debris from the soil surface using tine-style thatch rakes. Includes collection and removal of debris.

 Sidewalk edging: Vertical cutting of excess grass and weeds overgrowing sidewalk areas. Includes removal and haul away of any debris produced.

 Rough mowing: Mowing of tall grasses and weeds in hard to access or maintain areas. Areas include steep banks, fields, lots, pastures, along driveways, and more. 

 Mulch: Application of fresh mulch to designated bed areas. Delivery and installation of the mulch is included. Removal of old mulch or edging repair/install can be added. Option of natural brown or brown dyed, although other colors have limited availability.


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Lawn, Plant and Tree Fertilizing Services

SMART Green Lawns Program

You can have a great looking, healthy lawn while reducing the amount of chemicals used! Results are guaranteed.

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