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The following services are provided either one time or on a regular schedule.

Lawn maintenance services:

 Landscape Bed Maintenance: Chemical control of weeds and grasses in landscaped beds with hand pulling when needed. One-time visit or seasonal program.

 Sping and Fall Clean-Ups: Consists of cleaning up leaves, sticks, trash, and other large debris from lawn and landscape bed areas. Includes dead perennial cut back.

 Dethatching: Mechanical removal of thatch, dead grass, and debris from the soil surface using tine-style thatch rakes. Includes collection and removal of debris.

 Aeration / Aeration with Overseeding: Removes cores of thatch/soil to promote root growth and a healthier lawn. Overseeding after helps to enhance the turf.

 Mole control: Application of baits to active mole tunnels. Includes initial treatment and one follow up visit with any additional treatment needed.

 Grub Control: Preventive or curative application to control white grubs and other sub-surface insects. Timing is based on the insects life cycle.

 Tree or Shrub Soil Drench for Japanese beetles: Insecticide applied to the roots of trees or shrubs to prevent damage the following season.

 Tree Fungicide for Rhizosphaera Needle Cast: Treatment of trees to stop progression of needle cast. 

Mulching Services

Need Lawn Mowing?

We provide mowing services for commercial and residential customers.

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