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Looking for some planting ideas? Check out some options below!

Below you will find your options for plants and materials in your landscape.


If your new home includes a starter planting package for your home you'll find your options below. Below that are pictures of available plants and materials. We would be happy to provide you a quote for the extra cost of any substitutions or additions to these items. Please ask if you would like something not listed or you would like a specific type of something. The availability of plants will vary depending on the time of season. Please list any requests or if you would like mutiples of any plants in the space provided below.

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Whether your lawn is sodded, seeded, or a combination of both it needs to have the proper amount of nutrients to establish properly and become the lush weed free lawn that you deserve. That is why we have developed our SMART Start custom fertilizer and weed control program specifically for new lawns. If you choose our program we will guarantee your lawn will establish quicker, denser, and healthier. Click the picture above for more information.

Boulder Walls







Landscape Bed Materials

Natural Brown Brown Dyed Stone


Shade Tree (choose 1)

Maple Birch Locust Linden Hackberry


Eastern Redbud Oak Crabapple Ornamental/Flowering Pear



Evergreen Tree (choose 1)

Spruce White Pine Arborvitae Juniper Fir


Large Shrubs (choose 2)

Yew Juniper Shrub Globe Little Giant Hydrangea


Dogwood Forsythia Boxwood Viburnum


Lilac Weigela Burning Bush Ninebark


Small Shrubs (choose 3)

Barberry Mugo Pine Rhododendron  


Spirea Ninebark Potentilla


Perennials (choose 5)

Daylily Hosta Russian Sage Coral Bell Dianthus


Black-eyed Susan Coneflower Sedum Coreopsis Peony


Ornamental Grasses: Prairie Dropseed Blue Fescue Karl Forester



Firepits (optional)
Round Square
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