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Do you have weeds and grasses detracting from your landscape beds appearance?

We offer both one-time and seasonal solutions to return your beds curb appeal.

Weeds and unwanted grasses are not only unsightly, they also block light and take vital nutrients that your plants need. As weeds take over, they can eventually choke out your desired plants and kill them. Some weeds will even cause severe allergic reactions and are hazardous to control by hand (e.g. nettles, poison ivy, poison oak, poison parsnip, poison sumac).

Weeds can be difficult to deal with as their seeds can be carried into your beds by wind or animals and some can stay dormant for years before growing. Any lawn clippings that are blown into beds can also result in new grass growing and taking over. Hand pulling can be demanding and may not be enough to keep up with your infestation. Even then, a small piece of root left behind can lead to new weeds sprouting.

Our bed treatment service will both control weeds and grasses growing in landscape bed areas (mulch, stone) and can also prevent new weeds from emerging. We take extra care when applying to properly target unwanted weeds while avoiding any damage flowers or plants. We can also treat weeds invading sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots depending on your property's needs. We offer one-time visits, a program done in conjunction with our SMART Green Lawns program, and a monthly program for properties that require higher maintenance (some commercial properties).

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