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Stop moles in their tracks (tunnels) with this scientifically proven application.

Moles are rarely seen but can be a major disturbance to your lawn. They live underground and will burrow through the soil just under the surface when looking for food, leaving raised tunnels in their wake. These tunnels are unsightly, interfere with mowing, and expose the roots of the grass which can kill it. Their tunnelling can also disrupt bulbs and the roots of plants causing them to be stressed or even die. Over time the soil will sink back into their tunnels but can lead to bumpy areas forming in the lawn. Moles can also create "mole hills", where the soil is pushed up in a mound above one of their vertical shafts. These mole hills typically need some repair since more of the soil is disturbed. Any prolonged or extensive amounts of tunnels may also require extra repairs and seeding.

How does your Mole Control work? 

Our mole control service is an application of worm like baits to active mole tunnels. We use a product made in Wisconsin that is scientifically proven to kill moles. They have performed extensive research to ensure there is an immediate attraction to these baits. The baits mimic the moles natural food source, the earthworm, and also contain special enhancers that attract moles to them. They also have the optimal size, shape, and feel to allow them to be consumed in the same manner as the mole's natural food source. This product works even when grain baits, repellents, and all other home remedies have failed. Moles can consume a lethal dose in a single feeding and die in as little as two days. Before treatment we will assess your property to determine the extent of your invasion, the amount of baits needed, and can advise you on any necessary repairs.

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