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Take back your property from insects and start enjoying the outdoors again.

Insect Reduction Treatments 

Protect your outdoor space from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, Japanese beetles and many other insects!

Summer goes so quickly, and not being able to fully enjoy it because of insect pests is a shame. Our Insect Reduction is a full property insecticide treatment that targets more than 75 different insects. So not only does it control mosquitoes, it also stops insects like Japanese beetles and chinch bugs from damaging your trees, shrubs, flowers, and turf.

How does your Insect Reduction work?

Once we spray your property, you will need to stay off of the treated areas until they dry, which is usually within an hour or two. We use a product that once dry, has a very low toxicity for people and other mammals. This product is widely used by pest control companies in many areas including in homes, offices, restaurants, and warehouses. 

The treatment works by shutting down the nervous system of insects, which paralyzes and kills them in a short amount of time. It also provides up to 30 days of residual activity, so it remains effective even if it isn't sprayed directly on the insect. You may still have insects fly into your property but once they land, they will be controlled. We treat all landscape beds, flowers, shrubs, turf areas, and trees under 20 feet in height. After each treatment, your property will be protected for about a months time.

We offer both one-time visits (perfect for outdoor parties) or a full season program for best results and consistent protection. Our season long program will defend your property throughout the summer from April until September. The price of each treatment is based on your property size. We do include a discount per visit with the season long program.


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